Creative Wedding Reception Ideas

Having a great wedding reception can complete your happiness in your very special day. You can enjoy the time when you are becoming a princess in a palace in one night. To perfect your very special day, especially in the wedding reception decoration is one of the main roles after the run down and the food that you should hardly think about. This is the one that can attract the visual scene of the guests before seeing the bride and the groom. Here are some tips for you to make your wedding reception decoration great.

The first thing that you should do is by choosing the theme of your wedding reception. You can choose any kind of themes that you and your spouse can choose like the cultural theme, Arabian night theme, the western modern wedding theme, and even for the very traditional cultural that you will choose. Try to pick the out of box wedding theme if you have some longer times to prepare it. By picking the theme, you will easily pick the decoration which actually fit the theme. For example, you will pick the Arabian dining set, like the glass and the plate, and also you will pick the dessert floral decoration for the flower buckets which it will be put in some parts of the wedding reception place.

The second thing to make your wedding reception decoration great is by choosing the main color of your reception. After choosing the main theme, all you need to do then is by making the color scheme in your wedding. It will look better if you have, for example, Purple Arabian decoration rather than only Arabian decoration. This contrast which is made by the color scheme will also make you easier to adjusting the wedding reception decoration.

The third thing to do is by perfecting the nuance with lighting. Lighting is the only one which can boost your decoration. This lighting will play the maximum role when they reflect the main decoration. For example, you can put a light under the flower bucket to make it more real and perfect. You can also put it near the big wedding background to give such reflection from the color of the background. This playing of lighting will make your decoration one hundred percent perfect.

The last but not least is by not neglecting to the costume. Costume is really not belonging to the wedding reception decoration. However, how will the decoration work well and deliver the nuance if the wedding consume is not appropriate to the decoration. At least, the costume is in the same line with the cultural theme. This might be a big zonk to the decoration if the costume is not appropriate or match to the decoration.

Tips To Choose The Perfect Wedding Dress For The Reception

Walking along the aisle will be a wonderful moment if you flatter a stunning wedding dress. As a little girl, you always dreamed of wearing a beautiful wedding costume. When you can find the best soul mate in your life, finally the time has come to pick up the perfect dress. Many women are stressful since selecting a wedding dress is not as easy as they might think before. It is a hard decision due to the numerous models, designs, colors, styles, and fabrics. If you are smart enough, it is easy to get the best one made just for you. Follow the tips to find out the flawless dress for the big occasion.

Get Inspirations
Collect various photographs of wedding dresses from the boutique promotions, advertisements and magazines six months before the reception. Scrutinize each design and grab 5 to 10 pictures of your favorites. You will know the different types of wedding dresses through the pictures. It is okay to collect the pictures worn by celebrities or famous people. The one made by Alexander McQueen for the royal wedding of Kate Middleton is very popular. She was dazzling wearing a white gown with floral lace details on the sleeves with a very long train.

Casual Wedding Dress
For an outdoor wedding during the day, pick a casual sweetheart dress paired with simple white strap low heels or satin ballerina shoes. The champagne, pure white or cream-colored dress is nice to have. Keep it simple, chic and short. The white sheer fabric or chiffon is perfect to show flowing effect. Other ideas are the sheath, A-line, and bubble dresses. The latter one is suitable for the woman who wants to show off a little leg due to the short model. If the affair is held during the hot season, the former is ideal to have. The bride will never feel the heat for the upper back, upper chest, shoulders and arms are left bare. The bride with pear body may balance the posture with a simple A-line dress. All of them are great for beach or garden nuptial.

Formal Wedding Dress
An elegant wedding outfit is exceptional for formal evening wedding. Flatter a floor-length bridal dress with a train and gloves. Complement it with pearl jewelry for classic style. The peach, vintage white or ivory color is the appropriate one for this event. The fabrics should be thick and heavy. Choose organza, silk, lace, and satin as they are the common materials for formal gowns.

Set A Budget
Decide the budget before you go shopping on the local stores. If you dream to wear a Vera Wang dress, prepare at least $10,000. If you cannot afford it, opt for a custom-made wedding dress by the local designers with the price as little as $750. If the budget is super tight, look for a secondhand wedding dress with the price of $250 to $500. Get it on the vintage market or thrift stores.

Bridal Hair Accessories Throughout the Ages

Bridal Accessories Past and Present

Being a bridal design company and ladies who couldn’t find the accessories we wanted for our own weddings, we are so happy to be able to help brides’ today who are looking for their own perfect wedding accessories.

When brides ask us where we get our inspiration for our designs, we love telling them how our own Grandmother’s dress and other headdresses from times gone by, light up our creative sparks. The results give our own unique twist on designs from the distant past to bring brides a taste of the stunning pieces the Victorian and Edwardian artists produced back then.

Throughout the ages, bridal accessory designs seem to go around in circles and here we give a taste of each era so that when you choose your dress, you will be able to match them with complementing accessories to suit not only your the bride, but the dress and theme they are going for.

Example of bridal headpieces of the past century

Pre Classical period still had its influences going into the 1900s where the bridal accessories could be rather lavish, statement pieces. Brides often wore veils and sometimes their bridal headdresses were more like headpieces due to their size and ornateness. Many were encrusted with crystals and pearls and silk flowers to create a large and beautiful picture. However, after the wedding of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert, with her own real Orange Blossom hair vine was the start of brides who could afford, to wear real flowers in their hair. Queen Victoria’s Orange Blossom Hair Vine was preserved in wax and replicated using wax flowers, designs that my sister and I have reproduced with modern sophistication and charm in our little boutique in Bakewell, Derbyshire.

Moving into the 1920′s you have the ‘Flapper’ inspired pieces that were worn with short, sharp cropped hair styles and were, in some cases dramatic and would set a fashion scene that would appear decades later. Headpieces were often worn low down over the forehead with the bridal headdresses being lace, feathers, diamantes, crystals and bling. With drop waist dresses that would still play an important fashion role going into the 1930s.

The 1930′s saw a traditional revival with veils playing an important role and often would cover the entire head creating a laced veiled cap effect known as the ‘Juliet Cap’. Sometimes brides chose halos of lace, ribbon and flowers to create a soft and feminine look for their bridal headdress, each very striking and demure.

Not all 1940′s brides had the same choice of bridal headdresses as Queen Elizabeth who married in 1947 but in these austere war years, brides wanted traditional, princess tiaras with crystal and shine. With long flowing cathedral length veils being the order of the day and at times the full headpiece being chosen, brides of the 40′s looked simply stunning.

Jackie O and the actresses of the roaring 50′s created a new wave of glamour that filtered its way through to the everyday bride. With short, crisp and sassy veils teamed with sophisticated bridal headdresses, the 1950′s brides wanted glitz and glamour and although lace played a big part and full Juliet caps still being fashionable, things were hotting up.

The 60′s saw a few different styles vying for attention. The hippy movement saw daisy chains, flowery, blousy, natural and simple creations whereas there were the brides with the big bouffant hair styles who wanted the traditional crystal tiara and long flowing veil. Larger styles of bridal headdresses seemed to appear again in the 60′s with some brides wanting fuller halo effect pieces to create a statement against the more simplistic waist cinching dresses.

In the 1970′s, our personal favourite era for bridal dresses and accessories that saw a huge amount of bohemian brides with the flower circlets and flowing locks. Yet too, just as popular were the full tiaras, bonnets, headpieces and in some cases large blousy hats that were beginning to become a choice for some, along with the more demure and alluring pill box hats with birdcage veils.

Wow, the 1980′s! Bows, bows everywhere along with satin, ribbon, flowers and hoops. The 1980′s saw big hair, big veils, ruffles and bows and big wedding dress trains, although not many brides opted for the 25ft beauty that Princess Diana had!

Into the 90′s with a real contrast in fashion and a bit of a mixture when it came to bridal accessories. Brides were opting for traditional tiaras full of crystal and bling, yet others were experimenting with revivals and dresses that leaned towards a Tudoresque rather pre-classical style with full length capes or watteau, full arms, embroidered lace and Maid Marion inspired innocence. Towards the end of the 90’s and into the 00’s the vintage pieces were starting to play a part with beautiful pieces being made entirely of antique and vintage jewellery. The heirlooms of tomorrow were being created.

Up to modern times, and vintage is still very much the order of the day. With our service to incorporate a bride’s own heirloom piece into her accessories or even restoring Grandmother’s original headpiece, brides are staking their claims to individuality, glamour and a unique aspect to their day that can so very often have a mass produced feel about it.

So we encourage all brides to sit down with a cuppa, the old family albums and immerse themselves in their own family vintage and historical charm to gain inspiration that ensures the beauty of the past stands the test of time. If you’re a bride who has an old family heirloom, we can offer a full restoration service or provide stunning antique and vintage inspired accessories to complement every bride’s unique style.

My sister and I are proud to offer a complete service to brides, their mothers, mother in laws, maids and family to give a unique and uncontrived look to her beautiful wedding day. We look forward to hearing from you or welcoming you into our little boutique in the lovely market town of Bakewell, Derbyshire in the Peak District National Park.

At Heirlooms Ever After we design and hand make unique and exquisite bridal accessories and jewellery. After standing many National Wedding Shows and other large and exclusive Designer Wedding Shows within the industry, we are well placed to offer a full service to brides and her party.

Being the only company in Europe to have developed a unique Wax Flower compound to replicate the Wax Flower Hair Accessories of the Victorian and Edwardian periods, we can offer a full restoration service to transform or bring back to life your Grandmother’s or family heirloom accessory.

Your Wedding Day Programme

Your big day is here and you have popped your eyes open. All you can think about is that moment you say, “Yes, I do!” Stop! Slow down for a minute! You need to prepare yourself mentally, physically and emotionally.

Before you jump out of bed, say your prayers, affirmations or meditations, to put you in the right frame of mind to deal with all the emotions you will go through today and to prepare you for all the people you will encounter throughout the day. OK, now you can get out of bed. Eat some breakfast and afterward get a quick glass of wine or your favorite drink!

Your bridal party will soon arrive to prepare you all for hair and make up. Keep your spirits high and savor the final moments before you become Mrs. You may have opted for your photographer to capture these moments while you get ready and prepare for your ceremony. Remember that she will not only photograph the make up, dress and accessories but will also document this time with your closest friends and family. You may be showered with some gifts during this time.

By this time, your groom and his groomsmen will also be getting ready. His guys will help ease his mind and celebrate him tying the knot.

As your wedding ceremony draws near, you will get dressed and have the final make up touches done just before you leave to join the procession. In more recent years, some couples have strayed away from the tradition of not seeing each other prior to the ceremony and instead take a brief moment to pray with each other.

The Mothers will start the procession by being seated, the Groom’s mother to the right, the Bride’s mother to the left. The bridesmaids coupled with the groomsmen will follow – Bridesmaids standing on the left, groomsmen on the right side, left of where the Groom will stand. The groom then enters from the side entrance and stands to the right side of the altar. Your Maid of Honor will ensure that your veil and dress are fixed before she walks down the aisle with the best man. He will stand to the left, next to the groom. The ring bearer follows. Your flower girl will scatter petals or confetti to prepare for your grand entrance. If you are following “Lucian time” this may be about an hour after your scheduled time. So now, here comes the Bride!

The ceremony starts and will sometimes include special readings, words of advice from your wedding officiant, pastor or priest, exchange of vows, signing for the register, then you will share your first kiss. Your ceremony will be wrapped up with the pronouncement of Husband & Wife.

Your guests will enjoy cocktails while your photographer proceeds with the bridal party for formal photos. It may be a few hours till you and your husband are able to enjoy time alone so have your wedding planner discuss you having a few moments together. Your photographer may choose to focus on your bridal party while you take this time, or allow you to walk ahead while she takes photos from the back. Take these few minutes to bond and prepare for the next leg of your celebration.

When the photos are over, the bridal party will precede your entrance. Expect hugs, kisses and well wishes from everyone as you walk through the crowd.

Although the format of receptions many vary with each wedding, the elements all remain. The first dance often comes first. The Bride and Groom will then be seated and then dinner. As you nears an end, it is custom for the best man and Maid of Honor to give their speeches. These speeches will often bring tears, laughter and more well wishes for the future. Grab your glass and toast to your renewed future. Mother/ son and Bride/ father dances, tossing of the garter and the bridal bouquet follow. Are you ready for cake, because you’ve reached cake cutting time!

Now the party really begins! Enjoy the dancing and celebration of your union with your closest family and friends. You may decide to have a final song with your husband before you leave. This may wind up your reception. You can also have your guests join you outside to bid you farewell.

Remember, this is your day and you may not include all of these aspects and in some cases you may even add or alter the day’s events. Nothing is a must except for some legal formalities. Tailor your day to suit your hopes and expectations. But apart from the format, be sure to take time for yourself and with your husband so you can be mentally and emotionally in tune with yourself and each other to make your day one that you will never forget.

The Best Places For Destination Weddings

Wedding bells are ringing everywhere! If you’re someone who is planning to get married on the coming year then you need to read what we have to say before you make any further wedding plans. For all us, the day we get married is probably the most important day of our lives and we want to make sure it is arranged that way as well. To do that, you don’t necessarily have to throw a grand wedding at the most expensive place around. A simple and much cheaper alternative is to get married at one of the following locations which are known for their exotic beauty and their services all of which are at your beck and call for very economical prices. And before you move on, here’s a tip – if you’re planning a destination wedding make sure you book flight tickets well in advance!

1. Belize:
This place is on top of our list of wedding destinations and the reason for that is because it offers so much for so little. The place has some extremely beautiful destinations and rainforests as well as old Mayan ruins. Oh and let’s not forget that this place is also home to the second largest barrier reef in the world. The best thing about this place is that instead of being filled with expensive resorts like most of the other exotic travel locations, it has a lot of economical lodges and the sea food here is divine yet cheap too. So you can even host a wedding feast filled with exotic sea food but still save a lot in your pocket.

2. Jamaica:
The best thing about Jamaica is that it provides you with a choice of two very different and equally beautiful locations. You can choose to get married on the white sandy beaches or near the Rocky Mountains depending on what you like. Or maybe you could get married on the beach and throw the dinner or reception in the mountains to get the best of both worlds. And on top of that, the arrangements here are really cheap as compared to other travel destinations.

3. Vermont:
This small collection of beautiful landscapes and homey villages is probably the best travel destination to get married in. The scenic beauty here gives you the perfect backdrop to take your wedding vows and have a fun pre or post wedding shoot too. There are a lot of cozy and warm bed and baths here as well as halls where you can hold your wedding party. And the best part of this is that you can get all of this at very very economical prices.

Now that you know the best places to get married in, we suggest that you start planning for your perfect destination wedding and make sure you book flight tickets well before time so as to avoid any unnecessary delays and problems in your plans! All the best! Cheers to new beginnings!

Some of us may want our weddings to be held in the town church and others might want destination weddings. If you belong to the second category,

Skip the Wedding Day Limo

If you want your wedding to be unique, add your own style and personal touches. One of them you can implement is skipping the traditional use of a limo. Replace it with classic wedding cars. There are older models that are preserved, classy, comfortable, and they will get noticed. Perhaps you would love a Cadillac or a Bentley.

The vehicles available will vary by provider. If you have a specific vehicle in mind, spend some time searching for it online. You should be able to find the providers that have that type of vehicle. Get in touch with them to find out if it is available for your wedding date and what the cost will be.


You may be thinking there is no way you can afford to get classic wedding cars for your big day. It may surprise you though to discover the pricing for them isn’t as high as most people think. Comparing prices will help you to see if this is a realistic plan for you to consider rather than a limo. You aren’t going to know until you start hunting for them and checking into pricing.

If your wedding is in the fall or winter, you may be able to get special deals on classic wedding cars. They tend to be more expensive during the spring and summer months due to the high demand. Those are the peak seasons for weddings to take place.

Have Fun making a Selection

Many classic wedding cars are one of a kind and so is the person you are getting married to. It can be fun to make a selection with them. Don’t settle for something that is basic and boring. Get something that captures your attention, that makes a statement, and that helps you to create a unique wedding experience that you will never forget.

You may have a hard time making that final decision. Don’t make it just on the look of the vehicle though. Think about comfort, how high or low it sits to the ground, and other factors. You want something you can easily get in and out of in your wedding attire.

Ask Questions

During the planning for classic wedding cars, ask questions you may have. Never assume anything as that can cause miscommunication problems on your wedding day that you don’t want to hassle with. Find out how long you get the vehicle, where they will pick you up and drop you off, and other details.

You can ask for some specific elements to be added to the rental too. For example, they may pick up the bride at home and take her to the wedding location. Then wait until after the wedding to take the bride and groom to the reception. You will typically pay for the time involved with the rental so think about that when you are trying to budget.

Don’t Wait

Since classic wedding cars are harder to obtain than a limo, don’t wait to get one in place. Do what you can to gather information quickly and to use it to help you make a decision. If you wait, you may end up with a vehicle you don’t want or you may end up paying too much for it. Plan this part of the wedding needs early on so you can look forward to it!

You may be able to book your choice of a vehicle up to a year in advance. It depends on the provider you talk to and what their policies are. Be ready to give them a deposit too when you make the reservation. It is a standard practice in this type of business to also protect their interest and their schedules.